About our Homes

Home from Home environment

Most people, especially those living with dementia, rely on a number different cues to help them to find their way in the world. Our homes are designed around the familiar layout of a typical British family home. This is one of the reasons our residents settle in quickly, familiarity with their surroundings. There are no repeating patterns, or ‘aerial layouts that you often see in todays purpose built homes. What is the ‘purpose’ after all, hotel style or a sense of home, comfort and security when you most need it.

When you move in

We know it can be hard moving into a new home, which is why we listen to you, your family and your friends during your initial visits. By the time you move in, we will know you pretty well and you will know us too. We will put certain things in place before your arrival, to ensure you feel secure and comfortable right from the start.

Staff who genuinely care

Our staff make our homes what they are. After 30 years we know what makes a good carer, that deep felt compassion and intimate understanding of human nature is all important. All care home staff have to attend regular training, we have also developed an in house program based around our own “Dementia Care Standards”. In addition Care staff undertake NVQs in social care and attend specialist training, as defined by the Care Quality Commission.

Gentle support

No two people are the same, we all have different life experiences and interpret things differently. Our mood changes day by day, sometimes minute by minute. At Benslow we know people and we know how tough it can be if you are living with dementia. We have dedicated engagement co ordinators at all of our homes. It is their job, with the support of the rest of the staff, to ensure that residents are able to engage with life, their friends and family in a meaningful, fulfilling way. This can be through individual sessions, group activities or engaging with the local community. We will watch and listen to you, and we will react to your cues. Not everyone wants to play Bingo after all!

Wholesome tasty food

Our dedicated kitchen staff have designed a menu, that provides tasty nutritious meals, using local seasonal ingredients. They cater for all dietary requirements and work closely with carers to deliver food that residents really enjoy. Our homes follow the ‘Food First Programme’ using real food to promote good nutrition as opposed to supplements.  Visit site www.malnutritionaskforce.org.uk for more information.

Visitors are welcome anytime

We operate care homes, not hospitals or institutions, so there are no set visiting hours. Our staff are always available to answer your questions, and we welcome visitors anytime. We know that even a 5 minute chat can give comfort, and we will get in touch regularly to keep you updated about your loved ones care. We ask that you respect our residents, and behave with decorum, in the same way that you would in anyones’ home.