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Omega announces the launch of the new replica Seamaster 300M Cruiser. It is large, unusual ceramic and titanium, more resistant to corrosion and light. This feature in the WatchTime archive allows you to take a closer look at the new watch's motion sensor and large chronograph. To mark the 25th anniversary of last year's replica Seamaster Diver 300M, Omega has made a giant leap forward with the release of a new version. It has better features and more functions than ever before and has been updated and upgraded for these watches at an affordable price (click here for a review). The watches are painted for the first time as a metal model with an ETA Omega 2500 movement dial (according to ETA standards) and come with an extension kit. The price is about $3500. The new generation offers laser-cut ceramic drums, an improved 8800 internal system, improved knobs and other high-speed optical cables at a price of $5,200. Of course, the spherical frame, the water resistance up to 300 meters, the helium valve at 10 o'clock and the metal strap remain unchanged. The overall diameter of the watch has increased from 41 mm to 42 mm.

Omega Seamaster 300m 2254.50.00 Mens Steel

Seamaster Diver 300M

In the 1990s, Omega's popularity in the Seamaster 300M was largely related to the fact that the line was very inexpensive. By today's standards, the Seamaster 300M feels expensive, although Omega did raise the value proposition in terms of materials as well as the excellent in-house automatic caliber 8800. Starting with the Co-Axial escapement, the 8800 caliber is (almost) impervious to ambient magnetic fields, has a reliable silicon balance spring and bears Omega's impressive METAS certification seal (which also includes COSC chronograph certification). The self-winding movement operates at 4Hz, has a power reserve of 55 hours and includes complications for the time and date windows. The result is accurate, reliable, and the latest generation of Seamaster 300M replica watches are a bit larger than the upcoming 42mm wide case and 41mm wide case. Water resistant to 300 meters, the case is about 12 mm thick and the distance between the lugs is about 50 mm. It is comfortable to wear, but it is bulky watch, especially when paired with a metal bracelet. Despite minor changes to the case, one of the most interesting changes is the gradual thinning of the top of the helium release valve located at the 10 o'clock position of the case. This subtle design tweak is a quick way to visually separate the new generation replica Seamaster 300M model from the older models.

Modern Watches

This year, Omega took the next step. The replica Seamaster Diver 300M is now available as a lightweight, low-strength clay and titanium product. We tested this new strap with a rubber strap with clay buckle or a NATO strap with brush strokes and loop. (In both versions, viewers must agree to pay an additional price of up to $8,100.) The new version has a 43.5 mm case and a standard dial with a 6 day display. Was designed not to cut laser on polished brushes, but decorated with some brushes and dead surfaces. Ceramic - Another feature of ceramic. Not only does the dial have a polished finish, but some of the case is ergonomically designed. I am particularly pleased that Omega used the same ceramic material to design the release molds and covers. The rubber band is slowly glued to the covering and continues along the seam line. Along this length, there are three large widescreen displays and two raised dark chambers. At first glance, the material is very comfortable, but even with its large size, the belt is comfortable to wear and fits nicely on the wrist. The strap material may be comfortable in hot weather. Even Omega still can not stop him from sweating.

High Quality

From the personalized printed and matte titanium hands to the clay and titanium to the lace rubber band, all components show the highest quality, Omega has always been a major brand for the audience. That reminds me. Turning the clock further indicates quality. The first thing you will notice is the "Diver 300M" design. It is always in the middle, because there is a bayonet brand Niadlock. then you will notice that there is friction on the back of the case around the inner ring of the brush. Such a heartbeat watch is rewarding. Induction 8806-efficient, different design and anti-magnetic. This 8800 Formula does not have a date display. The benefits of the technology are the same. The vibrating alarm activates the clock in any direction, saving an average of more than 55 hours of energy. The silk whiskers guarantee very fast results even under the influence of climate change and vibrations. The fixed balance under the bridge has been adjusted so that the weight adjustment allows the vibration system to "breathe" freely. Last but not least: the Omega coaxial switch with multiple pallets and output wheels provides higher pulse speeds for faster and better results.

Anyone who wants to wear the replica Seamaster Diver 300M as an everyday watch will marvel at the joie de vivre, the consistency of family activities and the fact that the toes of the studs don't itch after weeks of wear. Our actual early spring tests have shown that it is safe and comfortable to wear while swimming, tennis and cycling. Whoever dives with the sacred bell, he glows bright and shiny, is highly waterproof (to a depth of 300 meters) and comes with metal parts on it, a material that is difficult to withstand. Coral or liquid substances. I would be grateful.

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