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Today we will help you find the right Submariner. as you know, Rolex replica Submariner are so ubiquitous that they are countless models and references to choose from, so we thought we would break down the guide to buying a Submariner. We will go over the main references and what to look for, and then choose the Submariner for you to get. so read on. The first thing to consider is: whether to go vintage or not, and for the sake of this video we are not going to look at vintage Submariners for two reasons. First and foremost vintage Submariner are complete in their own right, and secondly, this is intended as a guide to getting a Submariner, and we do not recommend making a Vintage Submariner your first. It's kind of like having your daily driver use a '60s 911. While it may not be practical to be super cool, this is the approach we're going to take. First up is a quick breakdown on the 4, 5 and 6 digits.

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Multiple Models

The Submariner's reference number or model number starts with 4 digits and has multiple digits until it becomes 5 digits in the 80s. Again, in the 1980s, there was some confusion because there was a 6-digit reference in the 168000 or 168000. Rolex went back to 5 digits and evolved to a 6-digit model in the 2000s. So here's a quick look back at the last 60 years. The Submariner was introduced in 1953 and Rolex introduced the 1680 in 1969 which was the first dating sub. By the 1980s: Submariner replica watches experienced some sort of strange growing pains from the 16800 to the 6-digit 168000 before finally being introduced in the late 1980s with the 16610. Glossy dial, white gold surround, sapphire crystal, new steel, new movement. The No Date was then updated in 1990 and then in 2010 Rolex became the biggest buyer of the Submariner with the 116610 and 114060 No Date. Okay, now that we're over 60 years into Rolex's history, let's start breaking down the decision tree for selecting a Submariner for you. The first thing to consider is the ceramic front and ceramic back.


If you decide to go ceramic, then the choice will be a little easier, so we'll start there. There are some key questions to consider as you decide what is important to you. Do you want a date? If not, then you will make your choice. 114060 Ceramic Submarine. Do you want steel or steel and gold in the end? Do you have a color preference? Steel means you can choose between a black Submariner or a green Submariner. green is now limited and usually comes with a premium. Steel and gold means you can choose between a black Rolex replica Submariner or a blue Submariner. it's worth mentioning that there is a blue Submariner, but frankly, if you're watching the all-gold Submariner, then you probably don't need this video, and you already know what's needed. Go ahead. So now let's dive into the murky waters of pre-ceramic, and we'll start the same way.


You do have two references to look at the 14060 or 14060M, the biggest change is the difference in movement from the 3000 to the 3130 movement. In fact, the movement variation may not be as dramatic as it will become, so we think that considering the visual differences is a better way to make this decision. Now, this refers to the number of lines of text at six o'clock. The four-line Submariner is COSC-certified, so the additional two lines of text appear on the dial. The two-line Submariner is often considered the most refined form of the Submariner, but may be too stark for some people. If you do want a two-line Submariner, check out 14060 or 14060M, so the decision really depends on whether you want to use tri. is now a material that is used for luminescence and bronzing as time passes. If you want a vintage Rolex replica Submariner, the 14060 comes with a tri dial and hands. If you don't want tri, then the luminous option is Luminova, which is unique in that the 14060 has a "Swiss" dial or a "Swiss Made" dial. dial on the 14060 or the SuperLuminova with "Swiss Made" dial on the 14060 or 14060M.


We'll focus on the visual differences in our decision, so let's start with one of the Submariner's most striking features: the dial. If you want a vintage vibe, you must use a matte dial. Matte dial also means painted on indexes, which was the case in the early 16800s until around 1984. The later 16800s were replaced by a glossy dial surrounded by white gold. If you don't want to use a matte dial from a technical point of view, skip straight to 16610, skipping the 168000 makes the most sense, but since we're here, we'll at least explain the 168000. 168000 is a bit of an odd transition model. It has all the features of the 16610 from the old 3035 movement. This limited production does make them desirable to some, but unless you are not interested in a reference for a specific reason (such as year of birth), we suggest you go with something else. Okay, so if you've been making a decision up to this point, then you may be interested in the 16610. Now, you need to determine if you want to use tri . If you do, you can almost always get the 16610 until 1998, and if you're interested in the tri gas dial, there's a cool feature available, and that's the six and nine in the 16610 early date wheel. It's a nice year. The touch disappeared in the early 90's and it really complements the dial nicely. If you decide not to use the tri dial, then you pretty much need to research the 16610 Rolex replica Submariner from 1998 to 2010, and there are a few things to keep in mind. Since the 16610 only uses four lines of text, the use of Luminova and "Swiss only" dials is a cool differentiating factor since they were only produced for about 98 and 99 years. The solid link bracelet was introduced in 2001, eliminating some of the rattles. 16610T (the transition reference) was introduced in 2003, eliminating the perforated lugs, and the last two minor changes were the LEC or laser etching of the short number on the crystal and the engraving of the chapter ring. Once you have visually determined what you want, you can start branching out, similar to the ceramic Submariner, and decide whether you want to use steel or steel and gold. If you use steel and gold again, you will have to choose between the Submariner in black or blue, and if you also use steel, you will have to choose between black or green, it is worth noting that the green border 16610 transition sub called Kermit is the 50th anniversary edition.

Retro Style

Now, let's review. If you like vintage, you can choose the earlier 16800. you can use the matte dial with a modern Rolex replica Submariner comfort creature. Quick-set date, sapphire crystal and unidirectional bezel. If you want the classic style of Submariner but don't want to pay the high end price of 16800, go for the 16610, especially around the new millennium. You get the sturdy end link bracelet, while still retaining the lugless lugs. Give up the tri dial for you, but if you want the, we suggest you stay with the 16800. if you want the most impressive Submariner, go for it. with the ceramic Submariner, we think the 114060 is the way to go. Some people don't like all the text, but hey, you get rid of the date, so at least it's a symmetrical dial. For steel and gold, the newer 6-digit ceramic Rolex replica Submariner reference is recommended. The updated solid bracelet has a soft precious metal center ring, so it fits you better. Finally, please remember that this is only a guide.

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